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B-01 v2 - SKNKWORX


The US modders from SKNKWORX have been present on the High End vape market since 2021. Made in the USA, their latest creation for boro boxes, the B-01, finally arrives and it changes current boros on the market.


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B-01 v2 - SKNKWORX

The B-01 atomizer is a bridge for boro boxes: Billet Box, Wicket Aio, Exodus... It is a qualitative and original bridge by design.


A bridge...yes but Top Coil

The B-01 atomizer is a bridge for boro boxes which already has the particularity of being a top-coil atomizer, that is to say with the mounting plate on the top and the tank below. The liquid rises along the steel cables supplied with the atomizer.

A Bridge single coil atomizer

First, the tray provides a comfortable mounting surface. This space allows the use of fairly substantial mounting resistors. The coil attachment system (2 studs) is extremely simple and intuitive to use. You can choose a classic cotton assembly or a U-wick mesh assembly.

The choice of direct or MTL inhaling

The airflow system is customizable via a supplied plug system that allows draws from MTL to DL. The plug reduces the airflow just under the coil to optimize airflow and flavors. It therefore offers the possibility of finding the ideal draw between these values, adapted exactly to your vape.

For Billet Box users, but not only

The Bridge B-01 is also equipped with different air inlets in order to be compatible with all existing (and future) Boro systems. Thus, the SKNKWORX RBA B-01 is already usable with the EYN Elcigart, the BXR Hussar, Aspire BOXX, Zero Boro Sunbox, 2.0 Boro mod Ambition Mods, Exode Box, Billet Box...

The RBA B-01 package from SKNKWORX contains:

- 1x Rba

- 1x flat airbar  (installed)

- 1x Billet Box Airbar

- Airflow (MTL to DL) : 1 to 3.5mm

- Extra o-rings, extra plug, extra SS wicks, extra screws, and 1 Allen Key

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