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Limelight is a Serbian modder who started a few years ago, in 2013. After a few models of pipes, he started working on boxes and started collaborating in 2014. Limelight's first box was the Pylon box.

The philosophy of the Serbian modder Limelight is above all the quality of manufacturing and the alloy of different materials (Wood, Delrin, Stainless Steel ...). Limelight Mechanics always surprises with its special design and very pleasant handling. Limelight boxes very easily become your everyday set-up, your all-day.

Limelight will then continue with the Freehand bottom feeder box, which has been a success over several years, due in particular to its quality of manufacture and its handling.

More recently, Limelight developed the Wicket box and an Aio Limelight box soon to be released.

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