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Kayfun 5² by SvoëMesto

Kayfun 5² by SvoëMesto.

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Those who did not know it at that time more than likely have heard about it. Evolutions, thorough overhauls, and small successive changes have allowed the Kayfun to refine itself over time, becoming the version 5 that we've come to know. They always have a clear goal in offering a high quaility vape and equipment.

Welcome to the Kayfun 5²!

A summary by SvoëMesto

Given its name, it's no surprise that the Kayfun 5² goes back to its Kayfun 5 roots, being its DNA. It is the same robust sensation that emerges, as well as those extraordinary finishing touches. The tank is made of quartz, more resistant than Pyrex and even steel (tanks provided). The atomiser itself is made of stainless steel and PEEK insulators. Everything that makes SvoëMesto a success and its know-how from over the years is all there, amplified to the extreme. 

A Kayfun 5 jacked up on steroids!

You'll notice the major change immediately: gone is the 22mm base, the Kayfun 5² proudly displaying 25mm. Its 62mm height makes it an imposing atomiser. But this stature will definitely allow you one thing: its gargantuan tank allows you to load 8ml of juice without complaint (with the metal tank). It is of course important for the matter of autonomy, but also for how it functions, which you will see, changes somewhat. 

Yes, it is bigger, contains more liquids, offers more airflow, and as my you may have suspected, a tray that has received a makeover! Not surprisingly: it's big and there's room. Its diameter is greater than that of the Kayfun 5 (at the mounting stand), allowing you to make mountings even more impressive. Where we were sometimes felt a bit limited, there are no more excuses now!

Two large Phillips screws and two contacts make it easy to mount and guide the resistive wire. Don't worry, everything has been prepared so you can use any type of resistive wire, from the thinnest kanthal to clapton and company. Finally, the interior chamber has been reduced as much as possible. Coupled with the airflow system, the subohm vape mod has never been so fitting!

The air supply, under the coil, has also been revised upwards.

Also still accessible. 

The Kayfun is made up of few pieces, but all have been finely worked. Keeping in mind the latest Kayfuns, SvoëMesto provides an atomiser that is easy to maintain and use on a daily basis. The idea is to offer an efficient atomiser for both beginners and advanced users. 

SvoëMesto has made filling from the top a standard. The Kayfun 5², therefore, benefits like its predecessors from this comfort in everyday use. In order to fill your tank, just unscrew the drip-tip and its base. Note that given the diameter of the machine, you can almost go to the top of the bottle! All while admiring outstanding workmanship.

Even if standing and filled with liquid, your can always re-assemble it to re-coil a wire, change your cotton, or get the full view!

Still as versatile

It offers, like its small brother, adjustable airflow according to 3 predefined positions, and rotation juice control of the top cap. You have to lift up the ring, and turn it before putting it back into position. 

The Kayfun 5 air flows settings went from 1.5mm to 3mm. The Kayfun 5² is designed for all those who found the 3 mm position still too restrictive. The Kayfun 5² goes even further, offering 3 air flow settings up to 4 mm.

Juice control is carried out by rotating the tank. It's really simple. Always make sure to lubricate the joints before the first use, but it's a pleasure to open the valve fro the first time, and to see all these little air bubbles fly up!

Phileas Cloud's review of the Kayfun 5² by SvoëMesto

All of these points cover the essentials. A succinct and tasty vapor, all that one can expect to have when the Kayfun name is involved. And obviously, one new thing is that you can push the watts at will. The Kayfun 5² fits in with the times. Its total flexibility and its easy-to-use features places it once again as a high-end atomiser.




Technical Features of Kayfun 5² 

- Tank atomiser

- Made by SvoëMesto in Germany

- Diameter: 25mm

- Height: 62mm without drip tip

- Made of Stainless Steel (316L)

- Capacity : 8ml (avec tank pyrex: 5.5ml)

- Liquid control

- Deck accessible at all times even if the tank is filled. 

- External airflow ring : 3, 3.5 and  4mm

- Easy filling though the Top Cap

- Single coil

Kayfun 5² atomiser is delivered with:

- 1 SS tank

- 1 pyrex tank

- Spare parts

- User manual

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