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Customer service

Warranty period

The warranty period only applies to electronic equipment

 - Mods, box, chargers: 3 months

 - Batteries: 1 month

 - Atomizers, drip tips, e-liquids, cotton, wires, etc.): not guaranteed

 In the case of a visual or aesthetic defect: warn us within 48 hours after receipt of the package.

 All our products are delivered functional to the delivery.



If you encounter a problem with one of our products, please send us an email to the following address: contact@pro.phileas-cloud.com

Please include "SAV" in your email. You will receive a prompt return from us.

Beforehand, please do:

A) Check the general condition of the equipment with a problem: no apparent impact marks, general cleanliness, etc. No warranty will be given in improper use, following a fall, disassembly of the equipment, poor maintenance.

B) Test the equipment as accurately as possible

C) Be as specific as possible about the cause of the malfunction.


All requests for after-sales service must be submitted in advance. Once you have received our positive response, please:

A) Return the complete equipment, in its original box, along with your Phileas Cloud Pro purchase invoice, to your customer's invoice (if the equipment is not new) with an explanation to the following address:

Phileas Cloud Pro

31A route du Polygone

67100 Strasbourg


Shipping costs for after-sales service are to be borne by the customer. Shipping costs of return shipping are charged to the customer if the material is not subject to after-sales service. In case of after-sales service, the material will be returned free of charge with your next order.

B) Upon receipt, it takes one week to test the equipment and return it to you.

C) If the material is defective, a replacement will be carried out, or a credit note of the value of the article will be published and valid on your next order, according to the availability.

D) If the equipment is finally in working order or has defects directly related to the way it was used, it will be returned to you at the time of your next order.


Thank you for your understanding.