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Fiber n'Cotton

Phileas Cloud Pro | Ecigarettes Wholesaler specialized in rebuildable vaping material and eliquids! Discover Fiber n'Cotton (by the creator of Fiber Freaks) the most advanced wicking material!...


By blending the purest cellulose fibers with high-quality cotton, Fiber n'Cotton is providing finely-tuned wick to suit all atomizers. The special purification process produces cotton fibers with high absorption and an absolutely clean taste. The cellulose added to the blend gives a high capillary action to ensure the finest performance for current material.

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  1. Fiber n'Cotton V2

    Fiber n'Cotton V2

    Fiber n'Cotton will offer you the most advanced wicking material available! A finely tuned blend of purified cotton and food grade cellulose fibers, both chosen for their unique attributes.

    Sold in boxes containing 10 packs

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  2. T-Shirt Fiber n'Cotton  Composition : 100% Cotton BIO 155g/m2

    T-Shirt Fiber n'Cotton - Coton Bio

    T-Shirt Fiber n'Cotton en coton biologique aux couleurs de la marque française de mèche. Un tee-shirt très qualitatif noir orné du célèbre logo.

    Disponible en coupe homme et coupe femme.

    Composition : 100% Coton BIO 155g/m2

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  3. Fiber n'Cotton - Ateliers Reconstructibles

    Fiber n'Cotton - Rebuildable Vape Workshop

    Out of stock

    Fiber n'Cotton Rebuildable Vape Workshop. Learn More

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